Laurel Ann Keeley

Monday, July 19, 1954 - Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Beautiful and Active Lady

Photo of Laurel Ann Keeley  - 1954-2018

Laurel Ann Keeley of Waynesville, NC passed away on October 24, 2018. 

She grew up in Miami Shores, FL, the youngest in a family of three brothers, a sister and her loving parents. Being the youngest didn’t matter to her because she could always find a way to be the center of attention.  Funny, athletic, pretty and smart, she was always active and involved.  She loved riding horses when she was young, playing golf, playing the piano, playing guitar and sailing.  One of her brothers nick-named her “The All American Kid” which stuck!  It was shortened to “The Kid” and finally “Kid” or “Kidder” by family and friends.

As an adult she would never miss her yearly skiing trips to Colorado with special friends, and traveling.  She traveled most of the contiguous states, parts of Canada and several European countries.  She said her trip to Ireland was probably her favorite because of the beauty of the coastline and the friendly graciousness of the residents.

She had a special relationship with animals.  Laurel owned her own horse for a time, but dogs were her favorite.  Her kind heart and gentle touch made her a favorite with them also.

Laurel graduated high school from Everglades School for Girls in Coral Gables in 1972, and then graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor Degree in Business.  She worked in South Florida in the Insurance industry for national rental car companies (Hertz, Alamo) handling litigious claims.

To her closest friends and those she loved, she was always loyal, caring and loving.  A few years after the significant man in her life for 20+ years passed, she moved to North Carolina for a new start in her quieter and more tranquil mountain home.

Laurel is survived by her immediate family; brothers (and sisters-in-law), Jay, Don and Karen, Shawn and Karon, and sister, Robin, as well as nephews, a niece, grandnephews and grandnieces.  She is loved and will be greatly missed by those whose life she touched.

Crawford / Ray Funeral Home and Cremation Service is honored to be caring for the Keeley family.

Condolences from family and friends


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Hey Kidder, As your big sister I always tried to watch out for you and to be there for you when you were young. As an adult I’m so happy we were able to travel and share so many wonderful adventures, laughs and memories. Exploring the West Coast from San Francisco to Vancouver, the Southwest with stops in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, Taos and the red rocks of Sedona was beautiful and awe inspiring. An unplanned stop in Albuquerque because we stumbled upon the hot air balloon festival was incredible to see. Traveling the Mid-Atlantic States and East Coast up to Boston was educational and fun. But, our last trip, to beautiful Ireland, was the best one of all! You were much too young to be gone. I will always treasure and remember the wonderful times we shared. Love, Robin
Robin Keeley
to say that i will miss her is inadequate.i will cherish the memories of our 40 year friendship
Laurel, Shawn and I enjoyed the time we had with you when you moved up here to WNC to enjoy the tranquil mountain lifestyle. Just as Shawn taught you how to ride your bike when you were young, he taught you how to bake bread, make your own pickles and his fabulous tomato soup, which you loved. Every year in May, you would ask if it was 'mater soup season, so that you could cook a batch of 'mater soup. You enjoyed going to the Waynesville Farmers' market with Karon and Maggie, our beautiful black and white English Setter, who you loved. You liked walking Maggie through the market, so that you could interact with the people, who would run up to Maggie (a people magnet) and gush over how beautiful she is. Many would ask if she was part Dalmation and you would patiently explain to them that she was all English. We will remember you when we look up at the beautiful cloud formations in the sky. You would frequently send a text telling us to look up at the beautiful sky. We will surely miss you.
Shawn and Karon Keeley
You were such a mentor to me many years ago and a recent promotion had me thinking of who had helped me along the way. Your name was the first that came to mind, but when I looked you up to thank you, I found I was a few weeks too late. I remember your family stories, the incredible work ethic and determination. I am thankful for your guidance and the opportunity you gave me to work for you.
Jody Reynolds
Laurel, since you were 7 years younger than I, the term “The Kid” had considerably more significance. Up to my age ten, you were more the “ Rug Rat” than sis. After 11 you and the rest of the family were out sailing and traveling to regattas while I persued my love of flying airplanes and helicopters. After entering the Air Force I was much farther away and by my return you were more or less encapsulated in your life with your own friends. Unfortunately we never had the opportunity to interact much as adults and I now regret that fact. Life, it seems, really is short and I deeply regret my oversight. Love Don and Karen
Don Keeleyj