Cemetery and Memorial Gardens

Crawford / Ray Memorial Gardens was established in 1957 as a North Carolina Perpetual Care Cemetery and continues to be proudly family owned and operated by Mike and Sherry Ray.

This beautiful memorial landscape is a place of memory, a place of remembrance of loved ones and a place of spiritual connection to our ancestors.

We have many options available for families that are interested in a final place of memorialization. We offer traditional ground burial in our gardens, above ground entombment in The Horizon, our mausoleum which is located on the scenic hillside overlooking the memorial gardens, a separate cremation garden for ground interment of cremated remains and also above ground niches for cremated remains which are located in The Horizon Mausoleum.

Crawford / Ray Memorial Gardens is located in Clyde, North Carolina. This is only a short distance from our funeral home in Canton and is conveniently located between Canton and Waynesville to serve all families in the Haywood County area.

Recently we relocated The Historic Grove Church to grounds adjacent to our memorial gardens. This was originally the Chestnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church located in the Sandy Mush Community of Buncombe County. We feel that we have been truly blessed to be able to relocate the church and preserve over 100 years of history and memories that this special country church has held for so many years.