The Historic Grove Church

The history of The Grove begins among the majestic mountains of the Big Sandy Mush Community of Buncombe County and where the church was originally known as Chestnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church. 

The church was built in 1910 by the faithful men of the Big Sandy Mush Community and we feel blessed that their talent and fine craftsmanship can still be admired today. We are honored to have been able to relocate the church to its new location in Clyde and preserve such a historical treasure. The relocation of the church was carefully done board by board by Daniel Breysher and Ralph Boyd both members of Chestnut Grove Church. The historic interior of the church is completely original.  The oil lamps, which were found to replicate the original lamps, cast a calming glow within the church.  Wooden church pews have been handcrafted to represent the original church pews and are easily able to seat 75 guests.  Upon entering The Grove there is indeed a true feeling of peace. The sweet spirit and presence of those who once attended Chestnut Grove Baptist over 100 years ago still seem to fill the church with warmth and love. This is indeed a special place for funeral services, memorial services, weddings and also a beautiful site for family photos. Each year we hold an Easter Sunrise Service for our community and everyone is welcome and invited to join us for this meaningful event. 

 Led by their strong faith, the families which attended Chestnut Grove Church made the decision to build a new and larger church for their growing congregation and the new church now proudly stands on the hillside above the original site of the historic church.  With this decision also came the kindest and most treasured gift that could ever be imagined. The original historic church building of Chestnut Grove Church was voted to be given to Sherry and Mike Ray. Sherry's grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and many other extended relatives have attended Chestnut Grove over the 100 years that it has stood in Sandy Mush. Crawford / Ray Funeral Home has been honored to serve the families of the Sandy Mush Community since 1946 and we feel that every family is part of our own. The people of Sandy Mush have blessed us with this beautiful church, which we now call The Grove, and they have indeed blessed us with their love. 

Please contact our office 828-648-3535 should you have any questions or need information regarding The Grove.