Celebrating a Life - Funeral Memorial Services

In the way that every life is unique, we believe that every honoring of a loved one should be also. We are dedicated to helping guide you through the many choices that are affordable and available for each family and will assist you in creating a meaningful and beautiful ceremony for your loved one.

At the difficult time of facing a loved one's loss many decisions have to be made. Many regarding funeral services and probably the most personal decision to be made is  the selection of a burial casket for someone whose life has been cherished so deeply.  The  casket selections that we offer are all chosen to give every family a wide variety of choices which are very afforable and dignified. Our elegant and classic metal caskets, the beautfully crafted wooden caskets and also the choice of designing a custom  made burial casket are all ways we can help in this final important decision.    

When making decisions regarding a funeral service a family may consider a sacred traditional service in a church or in our funeral home chapel or a peaceful outdoor memorial or funeral service surrounded by nature at a gravesite or even at a special location of meaning in someone’s life. We have planned evening candlelight services, early morning services of remembrance or we can offer the use of our 100 year old historic country church, The Grove, which is located only a short distance from our funeral home.

Every service should be designed to remember the life of a loved one and to reflect upon their life with wonderful treasured memories. Peaceful dove releases, memory lanterns, video tributes, family receptions and special remembrance displays are just a few of the ways that we have helped families personalize their services.

Music is an important part of our lives and choosing just the perfect selection for a loved one is indeed an important decision. The beautiful sounds of a fiddle, banjo, piano and flute or even the Scottish Bagpipes are just a few of the special instruments that have graced our services.

At Crawford / Ray we are here to help every family and to bring our personal touch in celebrating the life of your loved one. "Our loved ones are gone from our sight, but never our memories. They are gone from our touch but never our hearts."

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